Water Wise Landscape Design: Starting From Scratch

Water wise landscape design is more popular than ever. Some municipalities have even created incentive programs for replacing traditional landscapes with low water landscapes. Check for local incentive programs before renovation.

Examples of situations where creating a water wise landscape design from scratch would be advantageous include:

  • A newly built house with no landscaping
  • Renovating an overly mature or long neglected landscape
  • The landscape plants use too much water
  • The landscape is a boring expanse of turf

Where to start?

Visiting Demonstration Gardens for Ideas

Visiting demonstration gardens is a great way to get ideas on how to design and maintain a water-wise garden.  Many of these demonstration gardens showcase plants and sometimes wildlife that are adapted to your specific region.

Elements displayed at demonstration gardens include:

  • How to create a garden with seasonal interest
  • Woodland gardens
  • Edible gardens
  • Traditional and non-traditional design ideas
  • Examples of mulches and hardscapes
  • Ways to create inviting outdoor living spaces.


Additional Resources:

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