plant materials for water conservation – table of contents

Plant Propagation

Propagating Water Conserving Plants
Propagating Water Conserving Plants by Division

Regulations and Ordinances

City Ordinances for Water Conserving Landscapes: Plant Materials
Invasive and Noxious Plant Problems
Noxious Weeds and Water-Conserving Landscapes
Ordinances for Water Conserving Landscapes

Plant Selection for a Purpose

Animal Wildlife Considerations in the Water Conserving Home Landscape
Design Features of Native Landscapes
Diversity Encourages Landscape Sustainability
Misconceptions about Using Native Plants in the Landscape
Native Landscapes Reflect Local Plant Communities
Using Bedding Plants in the Landscape
Water-Wise Plant Characteristics: Arid Regions
What is a “Native” Plant?

Water-Wise Plants by Type

Evergreens for Water-Wise Landscapes
Ornamental Grasses for Water-Wise Landscapes
Water-Conserving Groundcovers for Shrub and Perennial Beds
Water-Wise Annuals
Water-Wise Perennials
Water-Wise Shrubs
Water-Wise Traditional Garden Styles
Water-Wise Trees
Water-Wise Vines