Water Conservation for Lawn and Landscape Community

Why water conservation?

Population growth and periodic drought are stressing national water supplies and the impact of climate change on the future availability of water resources across the country is unknown. The potential for increased climate variability related to climate change will only exacerbate current stresses on water supplies and increase competition for water resources.

Poor water quality, competing environmental claims for water, over-extended groundwater resources, and aging urban water infrastructures further complicate opposing demands for water resources. For these reasons, irrigation of amenity landscapes across the country is coming under increasing scrutiny because of the large amounts of water being utilized for this purpose relative to other household uses of water.

Who We Are

The Water Conservation for Lawn and Landscapes Community of Practice will serve to provide research-based information about landscape water conservation problems and issues and will coordinate the availability of applicable information on a national scale regarding issues related to landscape water conservation.

The Water Conservation for Lawns and Landscape eXtension website includes information on the following topics:

  • Water conserving landscape design
  • Plant materials for water conservation
  • How to conduct water audit
  • Irrigation
  • Soils