Seven Principles of Water Conserving Landscapes: Xeriscapes

Water conserving landscapes may also be referred to as xeriscapes or water-wise landscapes. Seven principles of water conserving landscapes (xeriscapes) have been developed by the Denver Water Department to guide the process of designing for water conservation in the landscape. They are:

  1. Planning and design for water conservation, beauty, and utility
  2. Improving soils
  3. Efficient irrigation
  4. Plant zoning (hydrozoning)
  5. Mulching to reduce water loss
  6. Turf alternatives
  7. Maintaining the landscape



California – Water-wise Landscaping: Water Conserving Plants for the

Xeric Gardens (Water-Wise)

Xeric gardening (xersicaping) is increasing in popularity as urban populations grow and drought takes its toll on water supplies nationwide.The term xeric (pronounced zerik) simply means ‘dry’ in Greek. Xeric plants are adapted to dry conditions and require little to no water during the growing season depending on conditions.

Planting a xeric garden does not mean zeroscape!  Many beautiful drought tolerant plants are available to meet your needs and those of your landscape.

Use plants adapted to the natural …