Pruning Sub-Shrubs in the Water-Wise Landscape

What is a Sub-Shrub?

Sub-shrubs are perennial plants whose woody growth originates at the base of the plant. Herbaceous growth occurs from basal buds, or buds at the base of the plant, during the growing season. Many garden herbs fall into this category.

The sub-shrubs described below bloom on new growth. It is important to remove old and dead growth to stimulate new stem formation and flowering.  Unpruned sub-shrubs tend to become leggy and unattractive.

Popular water-wise sub-shrubs include Russian …

Pruning to Maintain Plant Health

Pruning is sometimes necessary to improve plant health. The only time pruning might not be needed is when a natural woodland area is desired.

In this case, dead branches and dead trees can be left to provide perches, nesting sites, and other desirable benefits for pollinators and birds.They become part of the natural nutrient cycling process in the landscape. Note, however, to occasionally check for any disease or pest outbreaks in these areas.

If a more manicured look is …