Landscape Renovation: Piece by Piece

Landscape renovation piece by piece spreads the cost of installation over time.

Consider a plan for the entire property before deciding how and where to begin, otherwise, connections to other parts of the property may end up seeming cobbled together or fragmented.

Two ways to approach this type of landscape renovation are to renovate each area separately or renovate each stage separately.

1. Renovating Separate Areas

Sometimes only a specific area needs to be renovated. With or without an existing …

Designing Shrub Bed Areas With Water Conservation in Mind

Shrubs are very versatile and provide functional and visual benefits in water-wise landscape designs. Shrubs can be used for screening unsightlyviews, adding year round beauty, and as visual transitions between trees and shorter herbaceous perennials and groundcovers.  Fortunately, local garden centers are increasing their inventory of native and water-wise shrubs.

General information on using shrubs in the landscape. Source: Nebraska Extension

Design Considerations

Shrubs are available in vase, mounding, upright, and spreading forms. Since shrubs have …

Landscape Design: Creating Unity (experienced gardeners)

Unity in landscape design, is the overarching design principle that is used to create a sense of wholeness or harmony in the landscape.

Using too many individual plants or other objects in the landscape often leads to a cluttered and chaotic effect. On the other hand, too many of the same kind of plant can lead to a boring effect.

What’s the Big Idea? Theme, Story, or Concept

Using a theme or other concept in landscape design can be a …