Landscape Renovation: Piece by Piece

Landscape renovation piece by piece spreads the cost of installation over time.

Consider a plan for the entire property before deciding how and where to begin, otherwise, connections to other parts of the property may end up seeming cobbled together or fragmented.

Two ways to approach this type of landscape renovation are to renovate each area separately or renovate each stage separately.

Before and after photos of a landscape renovation project. The work involved is well worth the results.. Photo credit: Water-Wise Plants for Utah Landscapes

1. Renovating Separate Areas

Sometimes only a specific area needs to be renovated. With or without an existing landscape plan, think about how that newly renovated area will be integrated into the total design of the property.

When following the landscape plan, consider renovating areas that will be used the most frequently first. These tend to be areas closest to buildings.

2. Renovating in Stages

When renovating in stages, it is usually easier to follow a planned out sequence starting with the larger elements first.

a. Trees and large shrubs, hardscape and landscape structures, and planting bed outlines

b. Irrigation where needed and functional requirements such as screening and shade

c. Shrub masses and then perennial plantings

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