improving soil for water conservation – table of contents

Beneficial Soil Fauna

Benefits of Mycorrhizae
Beneficial Soil Invertebrates
Beneficial Soil Microbes
Creating Your Own Worm Farm
Earthworms in the Garden

Organic Matter

What is Organic Matter? Benefits
How to Add Organic Matter to Soil
Ways to Achieve an Organic Matter Rich Soil
Different Types of Compost
Fast Composting
Slow Composting

Soil Moisture

Soil Moisture Sensors (SMS) for the Home Landscape

Soil Preparation

Different Types of Compost

Many different types of compost can be used in the landscape to improve soil. According to the US Composting Council most compost is used for trees and shrubs, perennial beds, vegetable gardens, and lawns.

Composting is a naturally occurring process of decomposition found in nature. Home composting speeds up this process.

Compost can be made from almost any organic material. These materials will eventually break down into a stable product that provides nutrients, increases soil moisture holding capacity, regulates soil …