What is Carpetgrass and Tropical carpetgrass?

Turfgrass Quick Facts: Carpetgrass (Axonopus affinis) and Tropical carpetgrass (A. compressus)

Carpetgrass is a dense sod forming warm season turfgrass used in the southeastern U.S. It is also called flatgrass, Louisianagrass, and petit gazon (French for small lawngrass).

Carpetgrass is native to tropical regions of the Americas and the West Indies.

Close-up of turf
Carpetgrass turf Photo credit: Herb Neufeld Flickr CC BY 2.0

Carpetgrass Characteristics

  • Tolerates wet soils
  • Tolerates acid soils
  • Low fertilizer
  • Not drought or cold tolerant
  • Needs frequent mowing
  • Somewhat shade tolerant

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