Types of Lawnmowers

A variety of mowing system choices are widely available for maintaining turf areas. Below is a brief synopsis of different types of the mowers with their pros and cons.  Costs vary depending on size and power of mower.

Type of Lawnmowers:



  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Multi-use (wool, milk, meat)
  • Potential for profit


  • Expense
  • Winter housing and feed
  • High level of knowledge, skill, and management
  • Manure management
  • Municipal codes may prevent use

Reel Mowers


  • No emissions
  • Quiet
  • Does not

Mowing Turfgrass to be Water-Wise

Mowing height can contribute significantly to the health of the lawn. Correct mowing height can also reduce the amount of water used by turf during the hot summer months.

By increasing mowing height, grass roots grow deeper into the soil allowing them to survive longer without water.

Higher mowing heights also help control annual weeds in the lawn by decreasing light needed for weed seed germination.

Mowing Tips for Water-Wise Turfgrass

  • Mow turf height to about 3 inches
  • Remove only