Using Fences to Accent a Water-Wise Landscape

Fences have both functional and aesthetic qualities and can easily be used to accent a water-wise landscape

A fence provides immediate results and can be used in the following ways.

  • Screen unsightly views
  • Provide privacy
  • Delineate the edge of a space or property
  • Provide support for vines
  • Provide a backdrop for water features, statuary, plants, and other objects in the landscape

Some Considerations When Using Fences

  • Plant  water wise shrubs and large herbaceous perennials to obscure existing unattractive fences
  • Incorporate

Water Conservation and Slopes

Slopes are difficult areas to plant, maintain, and irrigate. Soils on south and west-facing slopes with considerable sun exposure dry quickly, and storm water runoff can significantly increase erosion problems.

Consider water-conserving plantings for these tough spots.  Appropriate shrubs, perennials, and groundcovers are available at local garden centers.

Steep slopes will initially need to be stabilized to prevent loss of soil and water by erosion. Ground covers and other plantings can be planted on slopes to reduce erosion. Drip irrigation …

Designing Small Spaces in the Landscape

Designing small spaces, whether in a residential or urban area, is not as hard as it may seem. A lot can fit into a small space if designed correctly.

Small, intimate spaces can be an ideal way to connect with nature or for a quiet getaway.  A few important strategies can be used to get started on designing small spaces in the landscape.

First, decide how many outdoor spaces or ‘rooms’ need to be created. What size will they …

Grouping Plants into Hydrozones

Grouping plants into hydrozones is an approach to irrigation and planting design where plants with similar water needs are grouped together.

Ideally, each zone of the irrigation system will supply plants with the same water needs with the appropriate amount of water.

Turf areas and planting beds have different water needs and should be zoned separately. Trees and shrubs generally need deep watering less frequently while turfgrass needs more frequent watering.

Unfortunately, many irrigation systems are set to water all …