Solutions to Soil Problems: High Salinity

Soil salinity is the concentration of salts found in the soil. High salinity in soils can be a problem. Plant vigor will be compromised, seed germination will be poor and, if the salinity is high enough, plants may wilt and die.

Effects of Salinity on Plants

As the concentration of salt ions increases in soil, plants have a lower ability to take up water from the soil. Plant roots contain varying concentrations of ions. As the salinity of the soil …

Beneficial Soil Microbes

Fertile soil is teeming with beneficial soil microbes. It is estimated that there could be billions of microbes in a gram of soil.

Bacteria, fungi, and protozoa are major players in soil microbial processes. They perform a variety of functions beneficial to soil and the plants growing in that soil. Other soil organisms of importance are nematodes, arthropods, and earthworms.

Benefits of Microbes in Soil

  • Decompose organic matter
  • Foster soil aggregate stability
  • Recycle and regulate carbon, nitrogen and