improving soil for water conservation – table of contents

Beneficial Soil Fauna

Benefits of Mycorrhizae
Beneficial Soil Invertebrates
Beneficial Soil Microbes
Creating Your Own Worm Farm
Earthworms in the Garden

Organic Matter

What is Organic Matter? Benefits
How to Add Organic Matter to Soil
Ways to Achieve an Organic Matter Rich Soil
Different Types of Compost
Fast Composting
Slow Composting

Soil Moisture

Soil Moisture Sensors (SMS) for the Home Landscape

Soil Preparation

Methods to Measure Soil Moisture

Methods to Measure Soil Moisture

Soil moisture monitoring can give a homeowner more knowledge on about his or her yard and how a landscape can become more water-wise. This article will outline some of the general methods and instrumentation used when measuring soil moisture.

Volumetric Field Methods- these types of testing estimate water volume from a sample of undisturbed soil.

  • Neutron Moderation- Radioactive neutrons collide with soil particles to give a proportional count of the volume of water present.
  • Advantages: