How to Do Your Own Water Audit


The sign says it all.
Photo credit: John Johnston Flickr CC BY 2.0

Video demonstrating how to conduct a water audit.
Colorado State University Extension (YouTube)

Landscape irrigation accounts for up to 60% of total household water use. The lawn accounts for the majority of this use

Checking how much water is used is not difficult and can be done using simple supplies. Basically, all that is needed are:

  • Straight-sided cans
  • A measuring device
  • Simple mathematical calculations

Some states have kits that can be checked out at local Cooperative Extension Service offices and websites are available that will do the calculations for you. Check with local Cooperative Extension offices or see the resources below for more information.

Resources: Steps to Doing Your Own Water Audit


Colorado- Lawn Irrigation Self Audit (LISA)   
Utah – Turfgrass Watering


Florida – Landscape Irrigation Audit Guidelines
North Carolina – General Landscape Irrigation Audit Procedures