Consider Mature Size When Installing Plants

Have you ever seen a huge Norway Spruce overwhelming a small hundred year old home or shrubs planted too close to a building? Many times, mature plant size is not considered in the design process.  Plants will be out of proportion to the size of the building or entryway.

Sometimes, a homeowner or builder will plant too many plants of immature size to make the building look ‘presentable’ immediately. Proper plant placement, keeping mature size in mind, is especially important when planting trees.

Avoid choosing plants that will need extensive pruning when they mature. Choose dwarf cultivars or smaller growing trees and shrubs that do well in your area.

  • Avoid over-planting
    • Planting too close to buildings requires extra maintenance
    • Walkways and other access areas can be obstructed or hidden
  • Safety issues and mature height
    • Powerlines
    • Obstructing views of traffic on corners
  • Consider seasonal shade and shadows from mature trees
    • Planting evergreen trees on the south facing side will shade a building in winter

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